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Sunday at Sandwich continues a long shopping tradition
By Stacy L Kammert

SANDWICH, Ill. Sunday at Sandwich Antique Flea Market has evolved over the years from an antique-only event to an antique flea market featuring a broad array of collectibles from jewelry to antiques. The vast array of items offered provides unique opportunities for collectors looking for unusual pieces.

The show stopped after the 2010 season; but was revived in 2013 by Maureen Little and Renie Mitchell. Adapting to the demands of the times, they added architectural, repurposed, and garden items to attract a younger crowd and more vendors and dealers to the event. Timeworn Productions have taken over the management of the show and is keen to continue growing the historic event.

The season opener on May 12 was cloudy and unseasonably chilly but that did not seem to deter shoppers. Zach Ruh of Timeworn Productions was thrilled by the success of the event with nearly 3,000 attendees and 112 dealers and vendors participating. According to Ruh, dealer feedback has been positive with increased guest count and enthusiasm over sales.

The Market still has dealers with 19th and mid-20th century Americana, but the show continues to expand beyond antique furniture to diverse and affordable objects. The prices are right and negotiating with the dealers is strongly encouraged. The market is a casual, family-friendly and now a pet-friendly event. Guests were able to park close to the venue and were greeted by a bluegrass band playing on the steps of the historic Home Arts building.

For those interested in American furniture, the Pork’n Beans Primitives booth had an unusual possum belly baker’s table. The baker’s table offered drawers that would have been used to store flour away from pests. A chest featuring a carved heart originated in New York in the 19th century.

The Country Antiques booth had a gorgeous collection of various sized firkins, featuring nice patinas. All were in good condition. A stoneware pitcher was in great condition and featured a morning glory motif. Laura Barr of The Country Antiques was very happy with sales. She said, she loves the market and has been doing it for five or six years now. She said 2019 was off to a great start.

A few booths had vintage Fiesta. Barb Connally said vintage Fiesta always sells well. She had a coffeepot and several mixing bowls, the No. 1 and no. 2 mixing bowls are most popular, she said. She had a blue and white stoneware butter crock in mint condition with its lid.

The most unusual piece in her booth was a vintage Clark Jewell, Wells Co. Emblem Coffee store bin circa 1880. Clark Jewell, Wells & Co was a wholesale grocer in Grand Rapids, Mich., from the mid 1800s to the early 1900s. The richly decorated storage for coffee was an early visual example of the importance of advertisement in American consumer culture.

For collectors looking for something a bit newer, Jeff Scull’s booth offered vintage boxes, crates and trunks adorned with logos and advertisements from the 20th- century. He cleans up the boxes and crates and sometimes reworks damaged bottoms and hardware, but for the most part, the boxes are in. original condition. His booth also had a simple, handmade work bench on offer.

A painted green pie chest was snapped up early. It was gone on my second round of the morning. If you see something that you like, do not hesitate to buy.

The Sunday at Sandwich is a seasonal event held rain or shine. 2019 dates are July 14, Aug. 11 and Oct. 13. Future plans consist of additional food vendors, more dealers as well as antique tractor and vintage car shows. All shows are held at the Sandwich Fairgrounds.

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